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The Future of Jobs Boards

In the UK market, it is almost 20 years since Job Boards arrived in a meaningful sense in the

candidate world. Without any doubt, when they arrived, no one saw the impact they would have and the extent to which they would dominate the way in which employment vacancies are advertised to job seekers. Today, they still remain as a dominant force in the market but

interestingly, there is an emergence of opinion in terms of “how long will they last”.

At the moment, that’s a question that is unanswerable. What we are seeing in industry forums

and social media are conflicting views.

So, what does the future look like?

All of our clients who are utilising our app promote their job vacancies on their website. In turn, we link their app to their jobs page so that candidates can see all the vacancies quickly and efficiently. The reality is that when a company promotes a vacancy on a job site, they are pushing that candidate away. Every time a job seeker goes to an external job board, they will look at your competitor’s job vacancies – that’s guaranteed and its human nature.

Therefore, without doubt in the long term it’s to your advantage to keep your candidates looking at your website and your app. Keep them away from your competitors because it’s all about the candidate!

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