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The World of Recruitment Evolves

Like every other industry, the world of recruitment moves at a fast pace. Technology has got a hold of things and has pulled many people into a new era yet some fail to move with the times.

When you consider recruitment in days gone by, in order for recruitment agencies to remain at the forefront of the industry, they had to have a website. That was only 25 years ago but things have moved on. However, back then, if a recruitment company did not have a website then they were heading into the dark abyss with other failed businesses because a website enabled them to reach out to their clients and candidates. It brought everyone together, it made everything easier, it made the recruitment more efficient.

Up until recently, a website was sufficient enough for recruitment companies to remain connected. Perhaps many thought that it was all they were ever going to need but those who thought that way, are wrong. Very wrong.

Yes, a website is still an important tool for recruitment agencies, there is no doubting that, but they need more. They need to have their fingers on the pulse, every second of every day and that requires the use of an app.

Why do recruitment agencies need an app?

That is a very broad question because why does any business need a website or why does a business need a payroll department?

They need them because they are vital to their success and an app is no different, especially when we are talking recruitment.

The majority of job searches are carried out on a smartphone. Therefore, users are constantly using apps to carry out their daily tasks. When they interact with you, they don’t want to have to go through your website to find what they are looking for. They want to open an app and have everything there waiting for them. Their saved job searches, their matches and anything else that is associated with your service. They want everything available to them when they want it.

On the flipside, it also makes it easier for recruitment companies to reach out to clients and candidates in a more streamlined and efficient way. Job adverts and available jobs can be targeted to specific individuals, you can receive relevant documents at any time of the day through the app and you can help to make clients and candidates feel as though you are all working together. It encourages an increased level of collaboration and that in turn leads to improved satisfaction from all parties.

You will need an app – no really, you will!

Perhaps, at this moment in time, you think that an app is something you do not need right now. Maybe that is true, but you need to think about future proofing your business because, in 5 or maybe 10 years' time, every recruitment company will need an app. If you fail to have one, you really will get left behind.

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