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My Recruit App Limited: Bailey House – 4-10 Barttelot Road – Horsham - West Sussex – RH12 1DQ  
(Hereinafter referred to as “My Recruit App”)  

:You The Client"  
(Hereinafter referred to as “The Client”)  


1. Scope of Service  

1.1 My Recruit App will design and build a fully functional Mobile App branded in the name of the client. The Mobile App will be activated only when the client has authorised the content and design of the final version. Activation of the Mobile App will also be subject to the approval of the Apple and Google app stores.  


2. System & Data Protection  

2.1 The provisions in 1.1 are facilitated by the client creating a mandatory Developer Account with Apple Inc. which My Recruit App will provide all the required support to set up.  

2.2 An option exists for the client to create a Developer Account with Google LLC should the client wish to do so.  

2.3 Should the client not wish to pursue the option stated within 2.2, My Recruit App will provide access for the Client’s app within its own Developer account.  

2.4 Both parties shall comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 (as amended) in relation to personal data. 


3. Cost and Payment Terms  

3.1 A one-off design and set up cost is due in the sum of £399 and is payable up front. This cost is not refundable once work has commenced.  

3.2 A monthly cost is due in the sum of £86 after the app is approved by the client and is payable within 7 days on receipt of our invoice by standing order.  

3.3 Costs are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.  

3.4 The client will be responsible for the costs to set up the developer account with Apple Inc.  

3.5 The monthly fee does not come into effect until the app is live, and that fee will remain fixed for a period of five years.  


4. General Conditions  

4.1 My Recruit App will provide hosting and technical support for the Mobile App the cost of which is included in the monthly fee.  

4.2 Any updates and standard feature improvements of the Mobile App will be covered by the monthly fee.  

4.3 Any costs for exceptional work will be quoted for in advance and will only be carried out when a signed order is received by the client.  

4.4 The terms of this Agreement may only be varied if mutually agreed in writing.  


5. Contract Terms  

Should the client no longer wish to operate the app and withdraw it from the market, the following terms will apply.  
5.1 There is no minimum contract period in place.  
5.2 There is no minimum notice period in place.  
5.3 The client may withdraw from the agreement at any time and at their sole discretion.  
5.4 For the avoidance of doubt, the basis of the agreement is “Pay Monthly – No contract – Cancel Anytime”.  
5.5 Should the client withdraw from the agreement, any outstanding invoices dated before the date of withdrawal are due for payment within 7 days of termination.  
5.6 Termination will be effective by receipt of written notice to My Recruit App from the client.  

My Recruit App Limited - Terms and Conditions - January 2020 

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