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Using Effective Tools to Better Understand Your Candidates

While the world is changing in ways we could never have imagined, there are some things that are still holding on. One thing that is certainly staying put is traditional interviews, but it has been found that they are not the best way to find out about candidates and their skills. In fact, they can often work against the whole reason why they are used because they can detract from the crucial information that really matters and replace that with a level of bias.

One prime example of this could be a candidate who has a great personality but they do not have the skills for the role but it is assumed that they do. Many people are now accepting that bias plays a part in traditional interviews but they are also having difficulty in assessing the soft skills and weaknesses in candidates. This is because having a discussion with someone makes it quite difficult to evaluate a skill such as determination or a weakness such as being dis-organised.

Therefore, to enhance traditional interviews, you could adopt the five techniques below.

Assess soft skills online

Candidates will have a number of traits such as teamwork and intrigue and so, measuring these can help to build a clearer picture of candidates at an earlier stage of the process. Many businesses have implemented this as part of their recruitment process and that has resulted in them finding candidates who are more diverse while also having a greater understanding of the skills they possess.

On the job observation

While someone might be able to talk the talk in an interview, can they actually walk the walk? Some companies are now paying candidates to take part in job auditions where they can watch them use the skills they claim to have. These day-long auditions often require candidates to compete for payment by finding solutions to real problems.

An informal approach to interviews

Often, traditional interviews can make candidates feel a little uptight and that might not lead to them showing you exactly who they are. Therefore, interviewing someone when they are in a more comfortable environment and wearing something that makes them feel comfortable will enable them to give better answers and examples of the skills they possess.

Skilled based assessment using an app

Many recruiters now use an app such as the apps that are created by My Recruit App to find candidates so why not take this opportunity to assess their skills. You could include skills based assessments, psychometric testing or even competency based questionnaires to assess the skills they have. This is a great way of determining the skills a candidate has before they are even invited to interview.

Video interviews

If an employer wants to reach a wider audience in a shorter period then video interviews can really work. This is because they can enhance efficiency and can either be recorded or held live. Either way, it makes it possible to find more people who have the specific skills and that is a great way for employers to find the right candidate for the role.

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