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Millennials - Shaping the Future of Recruitment

The world of employment is changing and it is believed that one third of the global workforce will consist of millennials.

The roles that millennials are looking for and the way in which they look for work has changed and that sets them apart from the rest of the workforce. They are motivated in different ways and they seek opportunities while some choose to remain with their employer.

Millennials are living in a world that is far different to the world it used to be. Everyone is contactable, everyone is on the go and smarter working is making it possible for them to seek careers that vary and offer quick progression. Therefore, they are using recruitment apps such as those created at My Recruit App to keep their fingers on the pulse with jobs that are available to them.

They are positive about work

The great thing about millennials is that they thrive off the idea of work. Their innovation, forward thinking and the way in which they can work in a world that is digital, drives them to explore new avenues of work. They are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to engage with recruiters and take on their next challenges. They know what it takes to survive in the work environment and even if they find themselves unemployed they do all they can to fulfil their need for success.

The statistics speak volumes as 66% of millennials have hope surrounding their employment prospects while 62% are optimistic about being able to find a job that equals or betters their current source of income should they find themselves out of work.

Millennials are committed

It is already known that millennials are hard working. This is down to the fact that they know that their skills are valued but they also have opportunities that offer success and progression to them. They are aware of what is going on in the world and they certainly put in the effort when it comes to using new tech to seek work and further their careers.

What do millennials believe is required of them

When the time comes to search for jobs, using recruitment apps would be the first port of call for most millennials.

Millennials like to change direction and pace when it comes to work and so, this means that they are likely to be looking for new opportunities through with as much ease of accessibility as possible.

Ultimately, this means that they have a specific desire when it comes to their career and because they know what they want, they know exactly where to look. Their approach to their career is fresh and different to what has gone before them but that means that recruiters are also looking at ways in which they too, can attract millennials into their businesses and this is where clients of My Recruit App excel at every level.

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