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MRA. App Marketing Guide

This guide outlines some of the basic marketing processes you can put in place to promote your app into the candidate marketplace. Candidate traffic to apps now far exceeds traffic to websites so by following these simple steps, you will enhance your brand significantly.

MRA. Candidate User Guide

To enhance your candidate relationship even further, you can create a Candidate user guide and personalise it in your own identity. This is a great way to help your candidates become committed to you – and your app. This is all about the creation of truly long-term arrangement with current and future candidates.

MRA. Feature Guide

Here is a summary of the app features available to you. It’s a snapshot showing how powerful the features are – and just how much an app will help you adapt to the changing conditions in the candidate market. 92% of job searches now start from a mobile device and all the industry feedback tells us that candidates want to engage with recruiters via mobile.

MRA. Cost and Value

A summary of the costs involved for you to have a fully branded app in your corporate identity. We also outline a summary of the features and benefits of the app to illustrate how a relatively low capital outlay will reap significant benefits in terms of cost reduction and increased efficiencies to your business.

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