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Candidate engagement using an app

It is a long time in the world of recruitment since we have seen a candidate driven market in existence for so long – probably back to last recession of 2009 so a massive 8 years. It’s reasonable to assume in the current economic climate that little or no prospect exists for an economic downturn and therefore, all expectations are that the candidate driven market is here to stay for as far ahead as anyone of can see.

Feedback in the industry tells us that 2016 was a particularly difficult year for sourcing high calibre candidates. The shortage and challenges in resourcing are not restricted to any one sector, they are prevalent across all industries – professional – white collar – blue collar and entry level positions. With all these factors in play, all recruiters are having to work harder to source candidates as it remains probably, the biggest challenge in the whole recruitment cycle. It’s logical then, that a key factor in creating a competitive lead and delivering for your clients is about how you can engage with, and keep closer with your candidates. It’s about demonstrating to your candidates that you are different – especially when they have such choice in the market. My Recruit App is an innovative tool that enables recruiters to engage with your candidates to a much greater extent than is normally seen through the traditional channels of email, text and job board advertising. It enables you to let candidates know instantly about job opportunities, interviews- and general messaging through push notifications. This applies to all employment areas including permanent- temporary – contract and interim.

The Idea of Life Time Engagement with a Candidate Perhaps the industry is guilty of ending, or not pursuing the relationship when a candidate is placed in work.

The app will enable communication to continue so that when that candidate is seeking a job move in years to come, you will be their first call.

We are all familiar with the scenario when a candidate can become a client in time, and a client may revert to being a job seeking candidate.

My Recruit App will enable you to achieve a long term relationship so why not retain that candidate as a contact indefinitely.

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