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Smart Devices can Drive the Recruitment Industry

Whether you are walking down the street, sitting in a coffee shop or on the train, you will notice one thing that is common across all three situations – most people are glued to their smartphones.

This is the world we live in, and it is no bad thing. People love to remain connected whether that is using social media, sending messages to friends or checking out their social media. It has become a focal point in our lives and we are using it more now than ever before.

Businesses go Mobile

When you consider the above and the way in which users are now browsing the web or engaging with other business, it is easy to understand why businesses are now going mobile. Users want information quickly and they want it right now and they do not want to work hard to obtain that information. Therefore, businesses are now creating apps and mobile friendly websites to deliver the information they need in a format that works on any mobile device.

The recruitment industry is no different to any other industry because candidates like to check out new jobs and liaise with recruitment agencies in new and inventive ways. This way of thinking is now driving recruitment agencies to move forward and look at new ways to engage with users.

Desktops are dwindling

Over the last 20 years, having a PC or a desktop computer at home was important. It made it possible for people to do everything they wanted to at home and it was once seen as being convenient, however, the pendulum of convenience has swung in favour of mobile devices. The number of desktop devices is dropping significantly and in fact, mobile devices are taking over. More and more users are now using their smart devices to search the web and carry out other tasks to the point where the desktop is almost redundant. This is proven, and so, recruitment agencies should now be looking at new ways to interact with candidates such as an app because this is what users want.

The importance of apps

If you opt to include an app as part of your marketing strategy, you will instantly find that your visitor numbers increase because of the ease at which they can engage with you. When users decide to install your app, you can send them job alerts, send them messages and they can keep track of jobs that are suitable for them. It is a two-way road and that is what makes it so popular for businesses these days. In fact, not having an app almost leaves your business in the dark ages and so, making the move across to an app will show candidates and users that you are determined to meet their needs. Times have changed, times are still changing but you need to move with them as a recruitment agency. Desktops are a thing of the past so it seems, so you have to assume that almost all of your users want to engage with you using their smart device. Once you make the move, you will find that your recruitment agency grows to new levels.

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