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Seeking and Nurturing Talent and Engagement

The world of recruitment is changing and this change is driven by technology and science. New trends are paving the way for what is shaping up to be an exciting future for recruitment.

Technology has changed the world drastically over the last several decades but recruitment is now adopting technologies in order to identify the right people for roles, enhance the screening process and to meet the ever-increasing demand for highly skilled professionals. This is giving employers the chance to adapt and evolve in an attempt to stand out while jobseekers can secure their next job.

Discover and interact

Technology will underpin the very model of recruitment in 2018 and this will be influenced by the way in which the digital world moves and behaves as well as using data science and apps that bring employers and candidates closer together. The old-fashioned way of recruiting was very much governed by the advertising of the role and then the candidate apply. However, this is being surpassed by a “discover and interact” kind of approach. The discover aspect of this method is all about using technology and analysis to delve into the pools of candidates which makes it possible to identify those who are suitable for the roles, identify patterns and determine just how much an individual wants the role.

The interact aspect is all about forming relationships and using that as a tool to determine what a candidate is looking for and what they want to achieve in their career. This kind of change is really making a difference for employers and recruitment agencies.

Recruiters can now find out more about candidates through the way in which they sell their skills. They are using the likes of video within their professional social media account to supplement who they are personally and this gives recruiters the ability to find out more about them.

While technology will see certain jobs disappear, it can also help to create new opportunities, and this will be seen during 2018. There is likely to be a demand for high-skilled temporary roles as well as contract roles that will require a specific knowledge and expertise for non-repetitive tasks. As technology continually changes and skills and knowledge slowly becomes redundant in certain areas, it can lead to the top talent seeking roles that enable upskilling and development through taking on additional responsibilities or even working on projects beyond their remit.

In terms of technology, candidate engagement apps are paving the way for a level of interaction that has not been seen before in the world of recruitment. Communication, interaction and engagement may all be classed as the same thing, but they are all crucial to the success of recruiters, employers and candidates. Apps make it possible for recruiters and candidates to share vital information about job offer, adverts and sharing skills and knowledge. It’s a bridge between candidate and recruiter that provides a greater insight into what roles consist of and what candidates offer. Simple uploads, simple downloads and faster access is why apps are becoming one of the most talked about technologies to influence the world of recruitment.

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