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Are you truly making the most of Social Media?

Every Recruitment Company Uses Social Media. That might be a bit of a blanket statement because maybe not every recruitment company is using social media but if they are not using it then they should be. It is common for recruitment agencies to promote their social media platforms

through their own sites. This is often noticeable through the tiny icons that you see positioned on their website. This could be linking back to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social media platform. Whatever platform they use, they clearly see it as being significant, otherwise, they wouldn't put the links on their site. However, for some recruitment agencies, this is more for show than anything else because the success of their social media marketing strategy can vary.

Not Everyone Succeeds

It is all well and good having a social media account on every platform but what is the point if they sit there, stagnating, year after year? Yes, those small icons look pretty on your website but if they are not providing visitors with engaging content or something they can use then it does not look great. Even if you do regularly update your social media platforms, you might find that the results are not heading in the right direction but there is a reason for this.

There is More to Business than your Website

If you automatically thought that your social media platforms would take off because they are linked to your website then you are more than likely wrong. For people to go directly to your social media accounts, they have to do so through your website, a process which is anything but slick, streamlined or efficient.

If you want to bring your social media accounts in line with the rest of your business where you can engage and interact with your candidates, clients and the general public you need to change tactics. The reality of the situation is that mobile technology is beginning to rule the world. Everyone has their smartphone in their hand, browsing through their Facebook feeds or Instagram posts. The reason why your social media accounts are not gaining any traction is that you have not gone mobile.

The whole world knows that going mobile is the only way to bring together your business, your social media and your audience. To do this, you need an app.

When you opt to create an app for your business, you can pull in all of your accounts into one place where users can open your app, find what they need to find and then click through to your social media accounts. This ease of use, practicality and simplicity will help you to engage, communicate and reach out to users and it is all done through one simple platform. Your recruitment agency app. It really is that simple.

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