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Candidate Referrals are becoming ever more important....

In today’s fiercely candidate driven market most, if not all recruitment companies are offering incentive schemes for successful employee referrals. Incentives vary and range from Cash – Gift Vouchers – iPads – even short weekend breaks. In every way it’s a small price for recruiters to reward a successful referral.

Candidate Referrals are becoming ever more important and should be a priority for every recruitment agency
Candidate Referrals

A quality referred candidate will always be placed into a role more quickly than those sourced through traditional recruitment processes. Speed of hire creates a significant advantage over competitors and elevates any recruiter in the eyes of the client for future business.

Quite simply its cheaper! Any referral represents the lowest unit cost per candidate attraction, and this is a critical KPI in the market where costs are rising.

All the market data tells us that generally, referred candidates stay in their new role longer than many of those placed through the traditional process. So where does an app feature in this and how can it be best utilised. We all see referral schemes or the “recommend a friend” button on website home pages but this cannot compare with the effectiveness of a referral facility via your own app.

The candidate referral facility within the app is easily accessible and available at all times. The scheme can be promoted via a push notification, or it’s entirely possible to promote this via an automated pre-set push notification once a month for example. You could vary incentives each month to create fresh thinking and initiatives. This is just one of the many features via the app to enhance the candidate journey into your business.

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