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Private Client Area

Private Client Area

We’ve talked about, and promoted the app, as the most innovative way in which to engage with your candidates. The private client area is where you can extend the use of the app beyond the candidate relationship into your client relationship.

You will be making a real statement here by getting your clients to engage with your app. So, when we say private client area – this means that any of your clients can look at their own dedicated area of the app. This is not visible to anyone, it is unique to your chosen client, or clients. Let’s look at how you can use this in 2 specific ways. Firstly, you can create a private client area which you can populate with, for example your top ten candidates.

If we turn the clock back, it’s the modern version of the classic availability list which still works. You gear this to your clients who are always recruiting, but equally, and just as importantly, to your clients that are not recruiting – and who suddenly are recruiting when they see your list. Secondly, imagine you are presenting a shortlist of CV’s or candidate profiles for your client to select for interview.

You can list these in the private client area so your client has access and visibility immediately to select preferred candidates. When the client has selected, you can list the chosen candidates and confirm interview times in the client’s area. Let’s not forget, your clients have access to this via their mobile device which is with them all the time. It’s new, it’s different and your clients will not have seen it before!

Whilst we are on the subject of client engagement – in a different context, you can use the app as a sales tool. Let’s go to a classic, new client meeting and your consultants or business developers are pitching to win the client. In more classic terms, during the meeting, the client asks “tell me how you source your candidates”.

So we all know the standard answers, but add to that, and show your client your fully branded app and how it works. We think it will go a long way to you winning the business as you have shown something new and innovative. It’s yet another reason to come on board with My Recruit App.

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