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Effective Candidate Referral Programs Always Deliver

At My Recruit App, we understand just how important it is that your candidate referral program works. In order to maximise the chances that your candidate referral program will be a success, firstly you need to ensure that you understand what can cause failure. Here are the top 4 reasons for failure and some suggestions to help you make it a success.

Referral program has little or no exposure

It is important that everyone is aware that you have a referral program in place because if they don’t, then they simply cannot use it. This is where you have to ensure that you put the word out there and make sure that all are aware of what is on offer. Including it in your email signature, on your website & social media profiles would be the very minimum requirements if you were expecting the program to succeed. Adding the referral program as a module within your own app however, will ensure that it is a fully engaged referral program. With the added benefit of viewing the analytics to ensure that your referral program is being utilised as you envisage.

In addition, ask current users how they became aware of the program, this insight will show you the channels that are and subsequently aren’t working and will show you where you need to target in order to get your referral scheme firing on all cylinders because when you do, our apps will work wonders for you.

It can be confusing to use

If something is tricky to use then people are likely to stay away from it but of course, your candidate referral program built within your own App can help to make things so much easier.

The whole signup process is efficient while the way in which users can interact with it, makes the whole process slick and enjoyable. People want things to work out of the box and that is what you get with the candidate referral program using the app. Ask someone to test your existing referral program for you and if there are any things that need ironing out, ask them to tell you straight.

There is a lack of understanding

This is completely different to it being confusing because many candidate referral programs work because people are educated about the way in which it works. Therefore, consider what is required in order to enhance that understanding so that the referral scheme works for them just as well as it works for you. This is the basics behind increasing candidate engagement, and the ethos behind our apps. Accessibility and usability play a huge role in determining the level of candidate engagement that you can expect to receive.

The referral bonus doesn’t match your target audience

The whole idea behind a candidate referral program is that people are rewarded for making referrals. If the rewards you offer are not suitable to users then why would they want to refer? You want candidates to make candidate referrals as this severally reduces your cost of acquisition, but you have to make them want to take action.

Therefore, engagement is vital so it could be worth looking at what competitors are offering and then try to offer something more worthwhile but this does not have to mean it carries more of a monetary value, just a different stance.

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