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Candidate sourcing challenges after Covid-19

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

For the coming year ahead, most, if not all recruitment leaders are on record saying accessing and engaging with talent is their single biggest challenge. Many of the uncertainties of 2019 have gone and recent reports state that most employers will have to hire new and additional staff if they want to grow or increase capacity.

My Recruit App continues to work very closely with our existing clients to look at new features that we can add to our app which can play a part in this area.

We’re soon to launch a new feature to our app whereby it would be possible to send a push notification to an individual as well as pre-selected candidate groups. This feature will enable a more personal, private and engaging reach to candidates new and old. In the coming months, we have plans in place to take this even further as part of our commitment to offering the industry affordable ways to source and engage with candidates.

It’s probably worth a reminder that more than 92% of job searches start from a mobile device so what better time to engage within the mobile space.

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