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Candidate Availability Module

One of the issues faced by recruitment agencies is identifying exactly when candidates are available for work. This is an age-old problem that always results in you spending huge amounts of time and resources trying to contact candidates to find out if they are available. The availability module works in conjunction with MyRecruitApp to give you control over your processes as well as help you to manage how you put candidates into roles in the quickest time possible.

What does the candidate see?

The availability module puts the candidate in direct contact with you through the way in which they can instantly share their availability. Through completing a short form, you will have the insight needed to make the right decisions that will benefit both you and your candidates. They will be requested to complete a form that asks them to complete their availability for their chosen weeks. Here they can choose the specific days and then select their availability based on am and/or pm. They can then submit this information where they will then receive a confirmation email while your Google Sheets will be updated with the additional information.

Google Sheets Integration

The availability module works in tandem with your Google Sheets, enabling you to integrate it into your processes and the way in which you plan ahead. Google Sheets will then give you access to all of your candidates and their availability information, providing you with a clear indication of who is available and when they are available.

Within Google Sheets, you can easily identify who is available by narrowing down the list using a couple of quick and easy filters. You will be able to select specific weeks and then narrow this down even further by choosing specific days and then the specific times during those days. This will enhance the way in which your recruitment agency operates and ensures that you are always able to find a candidate for the jobs that you have available. It will remove wasted time and make it possible for you to streamline your operations to the point where you will increase your output and productivity levels.

For your candidates, it gives them the potential to ensure that you are up-to-date with information regarding their availability which ensures that they have a better chance of finding work. As a recruitment agency, it makes it possible for you to keep your finger on the pulse because your Google Sheets will be updated every five minutes. This makes it possible to rely on your list, knowing that you are able to view the candidates that are available at that moment in time.

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