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Promotion of Your Job Vacancies

Are you getting the most out of the jobs you promote via your website? Let’s pause on that question for a moment and look at what is happening in the world of external job board advertising.

How to make your job listing stand out in a crowded market place. Candidate engagement has never been harder
Promoting your jobs

It’s a very crowded market but despite many differing views out there, they are here to stay. It has to be worth considering one inescapable fact however – when any candidate searches of looks at your jobs on any external job site they will automatically look at competitor vacancies for similar or the same role. Taking this to its extreme, an argument exists that in promoting vacancies on external job boards is, to some extent, pushing your candidates away.

In an ideal world, the best traffic you can attract to your website is those looking at your job board. With more than 92% of job searches now starting from a mobile device there is no better time to have an app which enables your candidates to view your jobs, and not your competitor’s jobs. A straight forward link between the app and the job page on your website means any update to your job page is automated via the app. Its all about getting closer to the candidates and engaging them with your brand.

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