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5 reasons why a recruitment company will benefit from an app

1.Day to Day Contact: A permanent challenge for a Recruiter is contacting Candidates. Messages get easily drowned in the sea of emails. The same often applies to voicemail. Your app will give you direct access to your Candidates.

2.Contact Candidates wherever they are:

No reliance on a PC or Laptop, it’s all about the Mobile. At work, in leisure or on holiday. They can receive private push notifications, browse your jobs and contact any member of your team individually via the app.

3.Real time updates for temporary or contract assignments: This is an instant notification and enables both Recruiter and Candidate to have up to date information about jobs and availability. Your team will spend less time calling out to fill requirements.

4.A mobile friendly option: Many Candidates are already working and therefore, are more likely to check their job search on a mobile. This gives them privacy and without any doubt, makes the relationship more personal.

5.Higher engagement:

Having your own app is a great way to showcase your expertise in your sector. Candidates will know that you are the go-to place for the jobs they want.

We all know how fast paced recruitment is. With this in mind, using an app is creating much greater advantages – and responses – than sending an email or voicemail messages. An app can send push-notifications that match a Candidate’s preferences by job type and location.

There is no dispute that engagement is higher in apps. Candidates can send messages directly to the Recruiter who posted the job. It creates an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the position.

An app can simplify the process of searching for suitable positions. By using the scrolling and touchscreen features within the app, it makes applying for positions easier and makes Candidates more likely to apply for positions they see and are interested in.

Leverage our powerful app platform to engage with your recruitment agency candidates. Our job notifications module makes it easy to update candidates on your latest positions.
Time for your recruitment agency to shine

It’s also worth thinking about the “real time” element of what the app will achieve for Recruiters within the temporary, contract and interim markets. The dynamic of the temporary market is such that you want Candidates to know immediately about new assignments – its real time.

All of this can be achieved through your fully branded corporate app by push notification and by posting the requirement to your jobs page on your website which the app will automatically link with.

its app time…..

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