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Job Applicants getting the most out of mobile technology

The number of job searches via a mobile device continues to grow in the candidate marketplace and it is reported that an astonishing 92% start from a mobile. The trend is that this is set to continue upwards so there has never been a better time to engage with a fully branded app to get closer to your candidates regardless if they are new, current or historic.

Take your recruitment agency to the next level with your bespoke recruitment app
Launch your bespoke recruitment agency app

Most, if not all recruitment organisations will want to have sight of a CV to accompany the job application and therefore, we have recently introduced a document upload facility within our client apps.

Imagine a candidate out and about who sees an ideal job opportunity and would prefer to apply immediately. Invariably it will have to wait until they get home to access their CV on their laptop. Well now the application can be immediate and instant via the app. This is all about the ongoing development of recruiters getting closer to candidates in this fiercely competitive market.

Launch your recruitment agency app and leverage the relationship your candidates have with their phones
Bespoke recruitment agency app

The upload facility can also be used in job circumstances where other critical documentation is required, and this could extend to security documents or proof of specific qualifications. The more tools you provide to candidates will create a competitive lead as speed has become a crucial factor in today’s recruitment world.

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