The Jobs Alerts Module - Helping Recruiters Remain GDPR Compliant

Recruiters need to constantly change their marketing methods and campaigns to ensure that they reach the right candidates. To do this, they need to capture information from prospective candidates and store the information captured in the correct way, ensuring that they adhere to the laws surrounding Data Protection. Historically this data was used to underpin specific marketing strategies while also providing them with an insight of their candidates’ engagement levels.

A challenging task for recruiters, as a breach of the Data Protection Act is serious offence that carries large fines plus potential reputational risk.

However, the Data Protection Act 1998 is changing as it will be superseded by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which means recruiters have to consider their approach to data capture and handling in a different way.

What is GDPR and how will it affect recruiters?

Currently, the UK uses the Data Protection Act 1998 to ensure that all data is stored and used in the correct way. We live in a world that is data hungry and the world of recruitment is no different. Recruiters will need to store data related to candidates such as personal information and so, they needed to ensure that it remained safe and was only accessed by those who had the right to access but now GDPR promises tougher fines for failing to comply. It also gives people more power over the way in which companies handle their data; essentially, this can prove to be a minefield for Recruiters.

Effectively, recruiters are controllers and processors of data, which means they need to abide by GDPR. To make it clearer, a controller determines how and why personal data is processed such as a recruiter handling the data from a candidate following a recruitment drive while the processor could be a company that a recruiter uses to process the data for them. Despite this, it would still be the responsibility of the recruiter to ensure that any other company that handles their data still complies with GDPR. Therefore, GDPR is another challenge that recruiters face because they have to ensure that data is handled in the correct manner or else they will face the heavy fines that will be imposed. However, My Recruit App can help recruiters to continue to carry out their marketing campaigns to target their candidates while still complying with GDPR.

How can My Recruit App Help?

For recruiters, their whole business revolves around finding candidates and placing them in the right roles with the right clients. It sounds simple but there are campaigns involved and data that is shared between candidates and recruiters. However, the job alerts module has been designed to offer them a simple, yet effective way to market while complying with GDPR. The Job Alerts feature enables recruiters to reach out to their target market without any concern about how data is handled because there is no data captured during the process. This is a huge positive and the perfect reason why working with My Recruit App will make it possible for recruiters to focus on what really matters to them – setting up job alerts to target their specific audience while maintaining complete adherence to GDPR laws.

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