Is an App Affordable for your business?

When you consider your business and what you do, have you thought in depth about the way in which you reach out to your audience and the way in which they reach out to you?

The recruitment industry is fraught with competition and so, you have to do all you can to remain at the forefront while displaying just what you offer and how you can give your candidates and clients the best chance of getting what they want from your service.

We live in a modern world. Technology has exploded onto the scene over the last decade and that has meant that we are connected in ways that we have never seen before. Mobile devices are the key to success for recruitment businesses because candidates are always checking their smartphones for sending and receiving messages or searching for information they need and this is where a recruitment app can make the difference.

A staggering 92% of job searches are made from mobile devices. That is a significant number of searches every single day but the truth is, this figure and trend will continue in an upwards motion. Therefore, any recruitment business should take this figure and look at how they should implement a branded app that enables them to engage with candidates on a more personal level.

However, taking a step into the world of apps might leave you with questions such as, how much will the app cost? Is it affordable for my business?

Affordability, Value and Return on Investment

While the cost of implementing an app into your marketing strategy might leave you wondering whether it is worth it, you have to look at the bigger picture. When you consider that quotes can range from £200 right through to £75,000, you can see exactly why you should think about affordability and compare that against the value that it adds to your business as well as the return on investment.

However, when it comes to affordability, we charge just £299 to build your branded recruitment app. Once it has been built, it will cost you an additional £86 per month and for that, you get our knowledge, support as well as an app that will make life so much easier for your candidates.

In terms of value, having your own recruitment app will undoubtedly, add a significant amount of value to your business.

The number of candidate referrals will grow considerably while you will have the ability to engage with candidates on an almost personal level, giving them the feeling of tailored service. Candidates expect a certain experience and more than anything else, they want it to be simple. Your recruitment app would give them a hub from which they can apply for jobs, check the latest jobs, receive messages and engage with you. Brand awareness is everything in the recruitment industry because you have to stand above the other 12k+ recruitment agencies. An app that is designed with the right branding will certainly sit in the forefront of people’s minds and that enhances engagement and in turn, profits.

When it comes to Return on Investment (ROI), there are tangible returns that can help you to see exactly why a recruitment app can work for you. Consider just how much you will earn when you refer and place a candidate in a role, this will easily fund the cost of the app for a year or maybe more while it will reduce your cost per candidate registration. These two tangibles will help you to understand just how beneficial an app can be, proving that the initial investment will soon be swallowed up by the increase in profits.

There are of course, intangible ROIs and this is the fact that a social media presence will instantly enable your business to reach out to a wider audience, which in turn could result in more leads and conversions. There will also be an increase in brand awareness because more and more people will see exactly what you are offering. The app can be shared via social media, between friends and even in general discussion. This will provide people with a greater perception of who you are, what you do and just how you can help your clients and candidates get the results they need.

So, it is clear to see that having a recruitment app can bring a wide range of benefits to both your business and your clients. Any initial concerns about investing in an app should have dissipated because the ROIs clearly outweigh the initial cost and will help to drive your business forward.

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