Mar 7, 2018

The Changes



The new changes are crucial for any business and so, it is vital that all staff who are responsible for handling personal data are clear about what is expected of them. They will also be required to meet the new obligations that come as part of GDPR. There may be a number of mechanisms that form certain aspects of the GDPR, these may fall under the responsibility of a core team within your business. However, any changes that are made, should be discussed with the whole organisation to ensure that those who are responsible for managing personal data are informed in the correct manner. This will enable them to act appropriately and be aware of their responsibilities.


Many functions within businesses will need to re-address the way in which they approach GDPR legislation and how they handle personal data. This data could represent customers who have signed up for a newsletter or the data that is held on CVs of previous employees as well as current and future employees.


The GDPR will have the largest impact on HR, sales, legal, finance, IT and marketing, as they are the departments who process high volumes of personal data.