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“90% of all job searches start from a mobile device”

This shocking statistic is great news for Recruiters that have their own app live on the Apple and Google Appstores.


There is a skills shortage in the market place and Recruiters need to embrace the ever progressing world of app technology to help ensure that you maintain a competitive edge.

The profile of your Candidates is now such that they will all use a mobile device and they will all have that device with them at all times. This is a surety and it's this connection that we all have between our mobile phones and our daily lives that really helps Recruitment agencies connect with their Candidates. 

Your app will add an additional dimension of communication and marketing opportunities for you to utilise with your Candidates.

The stats speak for themselves, book a meeting now to find out how an app, fully branded in your corporate image can help your agency engage with your Candidates.

"The average Facebook user in the UK has 330 friends"

Social sharing is included with all of our packages as it's the most effective way to engage with your audience.

Using the social share feature, your Candidates will be able to share your app with just a few clicks.

Offering you enhanced Social Media presence and essentially increasing your candidate numbers.

If we do the quick maths on this:

Let's say 100 of your Candidates share the app on Social Media. It will appear on over a quarter of a million FB walls. Followed with such a strong call to action "Download our App Now" Let's not forget that as soon as a Candidate has downloaded your app you can start to market to them straight away.




We all understand the importance of operating an effective and engaging platform to increase referrals using a 

candidate referral scheme.

The apps host a bespoke candidate referral form, allowing you to choose the reward and criteria for a qualifying referral. 

As soon as a referral form is completed, you will be emailed the contact information and the details of the referral for remuneration purposes. In addition to this, you can access detailed reports showing and offering .csv downloads of any referrals made.

The app will fast become the go-to place for your Candidates to conduct their referrals. 

“Push messages offer incredible read rates of 95%”

Your Candidates can be alerted about new jobs, or jobs that are ideally suited to them for free by push notification.

Using the job alerts feature, Candidates are able to choose the criteria of the jobs that are of interest to them. 

This is instant, personal and much more reactive than any other method of engagement.

There really is no better way to market to your Candidates, whether you wish to send instant job alerts or schedule messages to go out for the following week. It's not just about targetted job alerts, you can also send industry or business news to all Candidates devices.

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Many recruitment businesses are already utlilising our apps. Beautifully designed in their corporate image and used as a fundamental part of creating a new experience for


We are driving down costs and can add great value for your

recruitment agency.

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